Isn’t it ironic what we wished for as kids? “If wishes were horses…” we were a bit naive when we conceived those aspirations with sheer ignorance of life. Unfortunately, we were just dreamers; dreaming of better days in our silver state of mind. While some are living their dreams, some are living by the day—hoping something would come out of their miserable lives. I mean, why not? The last thing to leave a man is HOPE. Yoruba would say: “in the pursuit of not to be shamed, when shamed; the pursuit is not to die.” (Not in the literary form)

For some, it’s a question of life being unfair—turning dreams into nightmares. There are days you randomly wake and out of the blue, question your ability; days of having self doubts; days of lack of confidence; days you feel the world has left you behind; or days you somehow find yourself comparing people’s performances in life with yours. These thoughts could stifle a sane mind.

It’s totally not out of place to feel these pessimistic emotions, but the mental fortitude and ascendancy is in you not to wallow in these negative thoughts. Remember, you don’t get drowned by falling in the water, you drown when you get submerged in it. Do not compare, rather compete with the person you were yesterday. And constantly remind yourself that you are the only person whose ambitions and successes matter.

Peace and light.

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