NGO donates writing materials to inmates in the Southeast

Inmates Educational Foundation (IEF) is a non-governmental organisation that advocates rehabilitation, reformation, and liberation of inmates in all correctional centres across the nation through quality education. The organisation was founded with the sole aim of providing inmates and juveniles in correctional centres with literacy, adult, and advanced education.

Its operations are entrenched in correctional centres in Lagos state, and gradually expanding its reach to other regions of the country.

The organisation is firmly established in the Southeast (Enugu and Ebonyi), and has in the last 6 months commenced teaching of literacy, adult and advanced education at the Abakaliki Correctional Centre. On Tuesday, July 19, 2022, the organisation had a special intervention program where writing materials were donated and distributed to the inmates to facilitate their learning process. This laudable intervention was duly appreciated by the the correctional service and the school management.

Inmates Educational Foundation is committed at ensuring every inmate has access to quality education as a means of liberation and reformation—using adequate facilities to prepare them for professional life and active contribution to nation-building upon their release.

Every inmate has a right to quality education!

Our Offices

We are situated in Lagos and Ebonyi states.

3rd Floor No 14, Simpson Street Lagos Island Lagos State
+234 805 441 8511
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