Every Inmate Deserves Quality Education For A Liberated Mind. 

Without education and employment opportunities, many youths turn to other activities that ultimately end in incarceration. 7 out of 10 inmates in Nigerian correction centres are either drop-outs or did not have access to education at all. Hence, the Inmates Educational Foundation was founded with the sole aim of Providing inmates and juveniles in correctional centres with literacy, adult, and advanced education.

In the last 3 years, we have succeeded at impacting 1,000 inmates in Lagos correctional centres by providing literacy education, tutorial classes for O’ level certificate, advanced education, and also a provision of stationeries for teaching and learning. 

Our vision is to support inmates to become better citizens who are willing to support the growth and development of the country.

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To achieve our goal of reintegrating ex-convicts into the academic system, we organize tutorials, seminars, book distribution, and interactive sessions in prison facilities across Nigeria.


April 2018 – May 2018

We organized literacy tutorials which ran for two months with a total of fifteen (15) attendees. Today, they are  students in our school education project.


June 2019

We assisted a hundred and fifty inmates in applying for the General Certificate Examination (GCE), held intensive tutorials for one month, and recorded success.


August 2019

An interactive seminar was organized to discuss tips on how to write and pass the GCE exams successfully. We recorded a total of fifty (50) attendees.

Renewing Minds And Transforming Lives Since 2017




Our Vision

To have a country where ex-convicts can be re-integrated into the society and educational system through academic prowess. To liaise with like-minded organizations towards the provision of tutorials, books, audio and visual learning aids to empower them with the basic knowledge required to launch them on a path to acquire an advanced diploma or university degree. Adequate education would contribute to the reduction of the stigmatization, victimization, suffering, feeling of hopelessness, segregation, and temptation to revert to crime after release from prison.

Our Mission

To provide formal and quality education to inmates with little or no educational background in prisons and correctional facilities across Nigeria, using adequate facilities to prepare them for professional life and active contribution to nation-building upon their release.

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